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Journal of Food ScienceSince 1936, the Journal of Food Science (JFS ) has been IFT's premier science journal, containing peer-reviewed reports of original research and critical reviews of all aspects of food science for food professionals. Today it publishes more than 500 papers a year -- over 3,000 pages of original research and scientific reviews.

Formulation of Corn Zein Chewing Gum and Evaluation of Sensory Properties by the Time-Intensity Method

CITATION: McGowan BA, Padua GW, and Lee S-Y. 2005. Formulation of Corn Zein Chewing Gum and Evaluation of Sensory Properties by the Time-Intensity Method. J Food Sci 70(7):S475-481.
Abstract: This study was conducted to determine the feasibility of using corn zein as a natural gum base to be an alternative to the currently used synthetic gum base. The objectives were to (1) develop a corn zein chewing gum and (2) evaluate the taste, texture, and aroma qualities compared with synthetic gum base using a time-intensity (T-I) method. Four corn zein gum samples, each made with a different plasticizer (oleic acid, glycerin, propylene glycol, and 1 without any plasticizer), were included in the study along with 2 synthetic gum-base samples. Nine panelists participated in the T-I study. Thirteen attributes were evaluated. Maximum intensity, time to maximum intensity, and duration were parameters extracted from the T-I curve. The synthetic gum-base samples were rated higher for the maximum intensity of sweet taste and cinnamon aroma-by-mouth and lower for the maximum intensity of bitter taste. The propylene glycol corn zein sample was rated the highest for cinnamon aroma and the lowest for stale, rancid, and cheesy aromas. Out of the corn zein gums, the oleic acid sample was rated the lowest for the maximum intensity of hardness. It was also rated highest for the maximum intensity of bitter taste and the lowest for sweet taste. This study showed that it is feasible to use corn zein as a gum base, but future work is needed to develop an acceptable product for consumers.
Keywords: corn zein, time-intensity, chewing gum, sensory evaluation, plasticizers

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